About the hotel

The beautiful 4-star Fletcher Wellness-Hotel Leiden is located in the centre of Leiden. From the hotel, it's an easy walk to the various shops and museums the city has to offer. Would you prefer to explore nature? In that case, the seaside resorts of Katwijk and Noordwijk, where you can go for a beautiful walk along the North Sea beach, are not far. The Leiden hotel also includes a splendid BLUE Wellness Resort Leiden, with many luxurious and relaxing facilities. The culinary Restaurant Twelve on the twelfth floor has a breath-taking panoramic view of the dunes of the North Sea beach.

Hotel with various, relaxing facilities

The 4-star Leiden hotel offer various facilities, such as a culinary restaurant and a modern bar with a panoramic view. The view is also fantastic on the 11th floor, from the luxurious and fully-equipped BLUE Wellness Resort Leiden. For a fee, you can completely relax while enjoying the many saunas, the indoor pool, hamman, sauna infusions, singing bowl sessions., or you can enjoy one of the facial and massage treatments. You can also enjoy delicious meals and tasty drinks in the wellness restaurant. In addition to the restaurant, you can also find a spot at the modern Restaurant Twelve, where you can enjoy seasonal, culinary dishes that are prepared using local products.

The heart of Leiden

The Leiden hotel is very centrally located at only two minutes' distance from the Central Station. That means it only takes 15 minutes to get to the seaside of Katwijk and Noordwijk, but Schiphol Airport is easily and quickly reached as well. The surroundings has plenty to offer you, from an afternoon of shopping in the city of Leiden to a beautiful walk on the beach. Of course, you could also go for a nice city walk and see the historical buildings and canals. Leiden is home to the CORPUS museum, where you can take a trip through the human body, learning how the human body functions along the way.

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